If you’ve ever watched yourself back on video or listened to yourself on a podcast you’ll know how annoying it is to hear these little unconscious words we put in to fill gaps, and give us thinking time before the next sentence.

Benedikt Groß, Maik Groß and Thibault Durand created an experimental training device called Mind the “Uuh”. It’s aim: Help everyone become a better public speaker.

The little box listens to you speak, and when you utter an uuh (not very short ones, but longer ones) the bell dings. You can turn the volume up and down.

The cute little companion is constantly listening to the sound of your voice, aiming to make you aware of “uuh” fill words. These fillers are easy to avoid, but you have to start noticing them. Now every time you give a presentation and you say “uuh” – you will be aware 🙂

It also has a counter that racks up the hits.