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The work of Minwook Paeng explores our addiction with social media

No screen time warning or content control here. The 3rd Eye allows would allow us to undulge in our smartphones even more. Came across this the other day while doing a bit of creative research. From 2021. We love the absurdity and whimsy of industrial innovation designer Minwook Paeng’s 3rd eye. 

The project uses an Arduino and gyroscope detection to basically know when you are looking down at your phone. It looks out for you and beeps if there’s a lamppost or something coming up.

There’s a really interesting narrative here about how we relate to the increased use of social platforms. Most conventional thinking goes that we must stop it, curtail it, control it. So we feel better when we see things like screen time reports from the platforms. Whilst all the while we know full well the platforms grow through increased usage. 

We ourselves enjoy using them so much that we aren’t willing to be parted from our phones – I lost mine a few weeks back and I felt totally lost, sadly. A social media manager once said to me “it’s disgusting the amount of time I spend on TikTok”. So how we navigate them culturally is really interesting.

I know this project is jokey, but thinking about positive ways we can live together with the platforms really is our only hope. Looking forward to production on this one Minwook.

The 3rd Eye : Evolution to Phono Sapiens(prototype) (2021)

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Minwook Paeng’s portfolio on Behance

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Painting with Foam – Momentary Joys of Life, Stephanie Luening, Artist

I was in bathtub and just like that decided to ally with foam and it was the times I started experimenting and slowly developed into this way of creating art which moves from a 2-dimensional sphere to a 3-dimensional sphere. Many people call me a sculptural painter.

Stephanie Luening, Artist
Stephanie Luening, Artist
Stephanie Luening, Artist

I try to make people enjoy the momentary joys of life

Stephanie Luening, Artist
Stephanie Luening, Artist

I don’t know much about technology, but I remember once in an exhibition I was told  that I’m a low-tech artist. How nice that is even, I feel. Well, I am afraid of technology because people can use your information, all of the algorithms are something I like to stay away from.

Stephanie Luening, Artist

Full interview here from Coeval Magazine

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Thelma’s Laid Back Quirky Feels Right, Photography by Lindsey Harris Shorter

When you get a photography brief for a ecommerce brand like this I see so many times how brand guardians find it hard it is to break away from traditional product photography. Yet take one step over and look at fashion editorial and it’s worlds apart – yet should really be in the same world. 

When you look at photographers editorial and personal projects you see that whimsy, that sparkle in the eye that comes through in the final image. In our view, with Thelma, Lindsey Harris Shorter has managed to find the balance of both.

Her photographic work reflects the curious and empathic nature of her personality, and conveys an easy grace and attention to small gestures of humanity and momentary energy.

Lindsey Harris Shorter’s website

Original brand identity design by Outline

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Mind the “Uuh”, Train Yourself to Avoid Using UUH Fill Words

If you’ve ever watched yourself back on video or listened to yourself on a podcast you’ll know how annoying it is to hear these little unconscious words we put in to fill gaps, and give us thinking time before the next sentence.

Benedikt Groß, Maik Groß and Thibault Durand created an experimental training device called Mind the “Uuh”. It’s aim: Help everyone become a better public speaker.

The little box listens to you speak, and when you utter an uuh (not very short ones, but longer ones) the bell dings. You can turn the volume up and down.

The cute little companion is constantly listening to the sound of your voice, aiming to make you aware of “uuh” fill words. These fillers are easy to avoid, but you have to start noticing them. Now every time you give a presentation and you say “uuh” – you will be aware 🙂

It also has a counter that racks up the hits.